Ogunamen who is believed to be the eldest of Ogun’s descendants is an entity that is found spiritually in the ocean or river.

Ogun, the most Eldest of all God’s deities (Divinities) is believed to be one of the most aggressive Divinities in the Osa (God), he believes in justice, and equality, a master of the art of war and is a very inpatient celestial entity was known to create a lot of damages in his pursuit for peace.

The Creativity of an African Divinity (Ogunamen)

Ogunamen who was an equalizer created by God out of Ogun with the mixture of Olokun (The second senior of the divinities created by God known to be peaceful, meek, clean, honest and beautiful amongst another positive aura) was made to equalise the natural energy of Ogun.

Ogunamen is known to be peaceful, never seen in a place of misconduct or miscommunication, and believes in creativities and the possible impossibilities of co-existence being made of two different energies.

Mistakenly known for its infidelity but understandably recognised for its uncontrollable physical beauty, physique, energy, aura and intelligence amongst others which attracts its opposite sex to make acquaintances.

Ogunamen is usually accompanied by social and relative responsibilities which have unconsciously shown him or her as the most senior in their home or workplace even when they are the youngest.

A creative celestial being that spiritually explains the idea of a floating ship and boat on the water as its energy passes through from the ocean bottom.

Physically explains why its children, be they male or female are problems solver, an introvert who watches their energy from the external so they don’t sink in their own thought, the same way a ship or boat watches over any leakage to prevent it from sinking.

They possess the Olokun traits of Honesty, Perseverance, Feminity Cleanliness and Irritation to Injustice and also possess the Ogun traits of Consistency, Hard Labour, Goal Getter, Creativity and Psychic Ability. Known for their Alpha traits and honesty, Ogunamen is understandably jealous as they are known not to share what they believe is theirs.

What else do you know about Ogunamen children?


Written by; His Royal Highness, Osagumwenro Eki Eresoyen, The Enogie Of Uhogua Dukedom. 


SOURCE – theroyalguide_