Genii Games Limited announced the release of its app –Adventures of the Tortoise for iPads and Android devices. The App comes under its Asa (meaning Culture in Yoruba) brand of African Culture teaching apps primarily targeted at kids. It is currently available on the Apple Store and Google Play for FREE downloads. Adventures of the Tortoise is a growing collection of morally and culturally rich stories centered on the character, Tortoise. It is a highly engaging, colorful rich blend of stories, songs and games all within one app.


Adventures of the Tortoise was motivated by the need to recreate stories, which many adults grew up listening to in Africa. Its goal is to provide kids with an engaging way to be entertained promoting literacy and Cultural education from an African context, while learning useful lessons around morals and ethics. The stories are adapted from various African Cultures hence, traditional names, scenarios, dressing and songs are used to depict and convey simple Cultural themes. Kids also get to interact with the app in many ways including:


  • Interactive Games to complete different tasks.
  • Multiple Reading Modes to suit various purposes such as bedtime reading, group reading and self-reading.
  • Highlighted texts for easy reading
  • Learn folksongs
  • Access to more stories upon release



Adventures of the Tortoise is now available worldwide on the Apple App Store and Google Play for FREE. For more information on the app including videos, screenshots, download links, visit: