In the early 16th century Nigeria’s notable ports for the trade and transfer of slaves were Badagry and Calabar. These slaves were sometimes taken to the Carribeans, West Indies and other settlement in the different parts of the world but they always took with them, a part of their history and their culture.

This is evident in the Establisment of the Calabar High School in 1912 by the Jamaica Baptist Union spearheaded by Rev Ernest Price and David Davis. The school which was founded for children of the Baptist ministers and other poor children in the region was named in honour of the early migrants from the Calabar slave port to Jamaica.

Years later, after the school has become a core academic centre with secondary interest in sports, a renewed pride has been rekindled knowing that it laid the academic and moral foundation of the following individuals; Prof. Norman Girvan; former Secretary General of the Association of Caribbean States, Prof. Keith Ellis; Professor Emeritus, Department of Spanish & Portuguese(Retired)/Author, University of Toronto, Ontario Canada, Dr. Clive Forrester; Department of Languages, Literatures and Linguistics, York University, Toronto, Ontario Canada, Dr. Edward I. Morris; MD Washington D.C., USA Board Certified 1996 Internal Medicine & 2009 Cardiovascular Disease 2009, Dr. Donald C. Phillibert; MD New York Board Certified, USA.

Students in their Classroom
Students in their Classroom

The School’s Motto is “The Utmost for the highest” while its Logo is that of a roaring lion, in honour to the school’s cultural strength for excellence.