It was the white man’s war,but still they went and fought with courage..A compulsory draft,a duty they must fulfill..Risking their lives for a campaign they know nothing about. Away from mother land to a land strange to most of them.

One of the remarkable stories of WWII is the story of Nigeria’s own Isaac Fadoyebo who was a medical official in the Royal West African Frontier Force, a military comprised of Britain’s then-colonies of Gambia, the country that would become Ghana, Nigeria and Sierra Leone. Coupled with recruits from Britain’s eastern colonies as well, authorities recruited some 500,000 Africans to fight.. Another Man’s War Barnaby Phillip calls it.


The book “Another Man’s War” By Barnaby Phillip is about the survival story of Isaac Fadoyebo and his comrades,now known as the “Burma boys”. They went through hell in an unknown territory,survived the rugged terrain and tough weather.. The book by Barnaby Phillip gives a first hand account from Issac himself..Watch out for our Exclusive with Barnaby about the Nigerian hero who was caught up in the middle of the WWII…

Burma boys 2

If you have any story of any Nigerian that fought in the WWII and is still alive,send us a mail and we will the their story for the world to read..

God bless our Unsung Heroes