Quite a steamy strings of controversies has trailed the actions of His Imperial Majesty,the Aroole Odua,Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi (Ojaja II,Ooni of ile ife) when he said Jesus was his “father” while on tour to the USA.

PICTURES:Third Festival Colloquium with the Ooni of ile-ife. Celebrating Lagos at 50.
His Imperial Majesty,Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi

This is not the first time,quite a while back after he became the 51st Ooni of ile ife the Oba went to Church for a thanksgiving service to thank his maker for making him the chosen candidate fit for the throne of the Ooni of ile-ife.The actions of the Ooni was quick to receive backlash treatment from critics who said the Oba shouldn’t have done that.

Like the wise King Solomon in the Bible.His Imperial Majesty recognizes  the existence of “Olodumare” as his maker. The one and only God that overseas the affairs of mankind. There has been this long standing debate in cultural and traditional quarters as regards the worship of the  “gods” as God,and the worship of God as God,and most times confusing the people on where the tog of supremacy lies.

Professor,Sophie Oluwole a while back put to rest the myth surrounding “Orunmila” stating that Orunmila is just a Philosopher like Socrates (399 BC Greek Philosopher). Stating by his appellation “Orunmila baba ifa” meaning “Orunmila the wise one”. But even in some cultural settings   “Orunmila” is consider a god.

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His Imperial Majesty acknowledged the existence of other lesser gods who are messengers of Olodumare and he uses them to communicate to human. But the true and only God is “Olodumare”. He made this clarification during the third festival colloquium celebrating Lagos at 50 at the Shell Hall of the MUSON center over the weekend in Lagos.

In this video,the Ooni of ile-ife is seen talking about the essence of true service to  Olodumare.

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