Our fathers told stories to the younger generation under the moonlight and through what was said and heard, cultural values were passed down generations. In these days of technological advancement and inventive ways of impacting knowledge, Alága collection has carved a different niche.

ALÁGA Launches ÒSÙKÁ 2018 Furniture Collection

Furniture has transcended beyond just joining pieces of woods together to form a whole. Alága Collections has infused storytelling into furniture; it has gone beyond just comfort to art.Alága is using furniture to revitalize culture by telling the African story through every piece of furniture they produce. The chairs have thought-provoking names and looks that tell stories deeply rooted in folklore, from Akanke to Aduke, connecting you to your roots while offering the soothing relaxation desired.

Alága has now released a new collection of relaxation chairs called ÒSÙKÁ.
Òsùká is a Yoruba word for a folded piece of clothing used as a support between the head and any heavy object placed onit. Many people growing up used the Òsùká for the purpose of carrying buckets of water or trays of goods for sale, Alága has been able to take us back and also put a part of us into furniture, a story we can tell the generations to come.

ALÁGA Launches ÒSÙKÁ 2018 Furniture Collection
Support is an integral part of any structure, the frame without which things fall apart.The Òsùká collection from Alága depicts this, its visible promises of a strong support to your back swallowing your worries and the balance of its spirals, reminding you of a friend that never fails.

Alága Collection’s knack for telling the African story has made them favorites for spaces of people who want to keep culture alive and pass stories through all means possible while enjoying their products.
ALÁGA Launches ÒSÙKÁ 2018 Furniture Collection

From the well-crafted spiral wood arms to the spectacular Adire patterns. Alága strives to put classy furniture in a lot of spaces, beautiful furniture that gives maximum comfort and relaxation.

Let your space tell the African story the Alága way. Visit www.alagacollections.com to order yours