In its maiden edition scheduled for the last quarter of the year, ALKEBULAN Art & Fashion Festival is ready to rock the foundations of Freedom Park with its exciting medley of cultural festivities for two days,starting from November 18th through the 19th, 2017, opening from 10am daily.

The theme for this first outing is HERITAGE: A BRIDGE TO THE FUTURE, encompassing the goal of the festival that heritage and culture should be propagated and used as a means of positively transforming society.

Alkebulan Festival Debut’s Maiden Edition in Lagos

ALKEBULAN is believed to be the name of indigenous origin for the continent now known as Africa. It means “Mother of Mankind” and was used by the Moors, Nubians and Ethiopians. It is believed that Africa, the current name used by everyone today, was given to this continent by the ancient Greeks and Romans.

The CEO of enye Interiors limited and founder of the festival, Kokwe Yebovi,has created the festival with the understanding that it is necessary to appreciate and reconnect with our original cultural identity as a foundation to  building a sustainable socio-economic future.

While celebrating the arts, community and family values, the ALKEBULAN Festival will also seek to fill the knowledge gap that has separated many generations from our heritage,with a series of lectures and symposiums.

The Festival will also provide a much-needed opportunity to promote and encourage innovators and entrepreneurs who are blazing the trail with locally manufactured products in order to empower our communities economically.

A unique highlight of the festival is the ALKEBULAN COLLECTION, an exhibition of traditional works of art gathered from various parts of the west African region by Ms. Yebovi over a period of 15 years. These sculptural pieces are ambassadors of the cultures from which they were created.

The contemporary art exhibition titled ÀJÍ-DÌDÉ – AWAKENING,“is a cutting edge display of paintings, photography, digital imagery, installation and performance art by some of our renowned artists and a few surprising ones”Ms. Yebovi says.

Alkebulan Festival Debut’s Maiden Edition in Lagos

Other features of the festival will include:

Spectacular art installations

Artistic performances in music, dance and uniquely ALKEBULAN sporting events and games

Innovative Fashion and Textile design

Food and Drink celebrating local produce

Music, Dance and so much more.

A two-day cultural fiesta, the organizers are ready to present an unforgettable experience that would help lay a strong foundation for subsequent editions.

The serene ambience of Freedom Park Lagos provides a perfect natural setting for the event. For all lovers of art creativity, music and great entertainment, this is truly the ‘Unmissable Festival’!

The ALKEBULAN Festival is organized by enyé interiors limited in partnership with Freedom Park, Lagos.