Since its inception in May 2013, the ASIRI brand has been promoting, educating Nigerians and people around the world on the importance of the Nigerian cultural heritage and history through ASIRI MAGAZINE, and we’ve have successfully created a niche that generations to come can learn from, learn more about their cultural historical heritage, more importantly have a sense of belonging.

Six Issues, the Magazine has been translated to over 6 foreign languages including Russian and Spanish, through the exhibition side of the brand we have also educated over 2000 students, as we did during the Lagos book and art festival 2013.

This year we are taking steps further, 2014 is a very important year for Nigeria as we mark a 100-year anniversary of the amalgamation by the British. To this development ASIRI has deemed it fit to have all Issues released this year in honour of noble men and women who have fought, stood firm in the development of what is now known as Nigeria. Celebration of the Titans is the celebration of Pre-Centenary figures, men and women who did amazing exploits in their different regions. Six (6) Issues from six (6) Geo-political zones in Nigeria.

The essence of this year’s theme and Issues is to allow the youths and People around the world learn that despite all odds and obstacles, Change is still possible, learn from history and see amazing characters who placed “the love for the land” higher than their personal cravings and even their life. People who exhibited great leadership traits while facing the British and who made sure their people did not suffer nor be enslaved again.

Apart from these Issues, we will also be releasing short films, and doing exhibitions in honour of these people, looking at the cultural and historical angle.

The Magazine will be available on the website for download. The 1st Issue which is the Legend of Queen Amina of Zazzau is available on the website. Colourful wall papers are also available for download on the website, and we will also be covering and show casing the best of Nigeria’s cultural heritage, values and history through our articles, interviews and other segments on the website.

Digging and educating Nigerians and the world at large on Nigeria’s cultural heritage through different forms of Art is our forte at ASIRI. Follow us on all our social media accounts, go through the website daily and watch as we exhume the deepest secrets from Nigeria and Africa.

God Bless Nigeria