One important thing about festivals is their constant reminder of the importance and beauty of a country’s culture and heritage. In a country as vast as Nigeria, there are over 31 listed cultural festivals in Nigeria and over 89 unlisted. These festivals propel our cultural heritage as a nation to the world.

It is within these engagements that we have chosen to kick off the Colours of Naija Festivals Project where we showcase and celebrate Nigeria’s cultural festivals on social media and on our digital platforms.

The maiden edition of this campaign will be highlighting the 2019 Egungun festival in Oyo. 7 days of amazing imagery, narrative and engagement on this important Yoruba festival.

Colours of Naija Festivals

This campaign is in partnership with a world class photographer Paul Odijie who has over 15 years of experience as a photographer

So from the first day till the very last day we will be displaying amazing images that highlights the core of the Egungun festival in Oyo state. Different Masquerade will be on display as well as their cultural and spiritual importance to the society, in beauty and splendor of the Yoruba culture.

This campaign kicks off on Tuesday and will end on Sunday. Hopefully with sponsorship and support, we will also be able to cover other cultural festivals in the 2019 Nigerian Festival calendar.

The need to promote our culture, heritage and history is more important than ever. So sit back and relax as we bring the beauty of Nigerian festivals to you up close and personal.

According to the Creative Director of ASIRI Magazine, Mr. Oludamola Adebowale, one of the main objectives of this campaign is to digitally preserve and document the cultural richness behind these festivals and most importantly showcase our wealth as a great cultured country to the world through digital media technology.

This campaign, which is its first of its kind, will kick off with the Egungun Festival Edition and would be followed by other festivals as lined up in the 2019 Nigerian festival calendar

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The Colours of Naija Festival is a product of Wildeye Creative Solutions LTD (Owners of ASIRI Magazine)