In CEO trailer, Nico Panagio says to another character, ‘‘Not at all, different environment, same dynamics. A cheat is a cheat.’’ This sentiment is true, too, of CEO, award winning director Kunle Afolayan’s soon to be released movie.

Different environment—the trailer shows scenes shot in different location across Africa: Lagos, Nairobi, Abidjan. Same dynamics—it’s a thriller, with Phone Swap, Figurine, October 1 . Afolayan has shown he is Cinema thriller specialist.

CEO Trailer Different Environment Same Dynamics

A multinational firm, Transwire Nigeria, decides to choose a new CEO after its expatriate CEO retired. It decides, also, that person should be African. So five employees, Wale Ojo from Nigeria, Nico Panagio from South Africa, Peter King Mwania from Kenya, Fatur Layachi from Morroco, and Aurelie Eliam from Cote d’Ivoire are sent on a leadership course cum contest to determine who becomes the new CEO. And Angelique Kidjo is their hostess cum judge as the contestants try to outwit themselves to clinch the exalted position. Their ranks begin to reduce mysteriously. Is one the contestants killing off potential rivals? Or is it the firm, Transwire?

Reports suggest the movie should hit the cinema this February. We can’t wait to be thrilled.

See Movie Trailer here: