I know what you’re thinking right now,Abeokuta in Jamaica? How come?

The Abeokuta Private Nature Park is a Heritage, Health and Eco-Tourist Attraction located in Dean’s Valley Westmoreland Jamaica, commissioned on the 5th of January 2003 by the Nigerian High Commissioner, Her Excellency Florentina Ukonga. The 13 acres natural park is a sight to behold, in beauty and with a hill that oversees an original “plantation farm” that was once home to  black slaves some hundred’s of years ago.

At the Abeokuta park is one of the oldest swimming pool in Jamacica,the pool which goes back to over 300 years ago, with near Olympic dimensions being 71ft long and 47ft wide ranging from 4 to 10 feet in depth.
The relationship between the Abeokuta Nature Park and Abeokuta in Ogun State (Nigeria) was a direct link over 300 years ago when the first slaves that were taken to the Parish of Westmoreland were brought to this Plantation from Abeokuta, Nigeria. The Park also has its own “Olumo Rock”, a almost typical size to the one here in Nigeria.

A nature park that stands on its own, in beauty, size and a pleasure to the eyes. Its natural therapeutic value has been why thousands of people all around the world always go to the resort. Among famous Nigerians who have been to the park include, Former Nigeria President,Olusegun Obasanjo and Prof.Wole Soyinka.

See Pictures of the Park Below:

The 300 year old "Kiddie" Pool
The 300 year old “Kiddie” Pool

Abeokuta kitchen



Green house