Doyenne Circle, a platform that mentors, motivates and empowers women, is set to unveil its all-female cast musical titled Speaking Out. The breathtaking stage play is set to go live starting from January 1 to 3, 2022 with two shows each day at the Agip Recital Hall, Muson Centre, Lagos.

Starring prominent Nigerian women in the entertainment industry, including legendary musician and activist Onyeka Onwenu, Kate Henshaw and Patience Ozokwor, Speaking Out tells the story of the girl child from her birth to adulthood and the struggles associated with motherhood using spectacular dance, poetry, design, popular and traditional music and song.

Speaking Out is Onwenu’s first attempt at a stage play along with many amazing women who want other women to be able to speak out against issues affecting the female gender.

Compiled from the original works of Tony Marinho, Speaking Out is written by Chukwuma Okoye and directed by the award-winning founder and director of Lagos and Abuja Kenneth Uphopho.

Speaking Out the Musical Stage Play.
Onyeka Onwenu, Patience Ozokwor gear up for Speaking Out the Musical Stage Play.

Beginning with a celebration of the birth of the girl child, ‘Speaking Out’ takes a roller-coaster ride through her daunting growth in a large gender prejudiced environment. This inequitable society plagues her every step, from the celebration of her birth through such typical challenges as child labour, education, female trafficking, dating, sex, spousal abuse, divorce and single motherhood. Singed but tireless she emerges through all odds with her daughter, stronger with dignity and pride, determined to live her life in full.

This is definitely one to open the year with and will set a precedent for the performance and entertainment industry in the New Year while offering the audience the hope and inspiration to navigate through the year.

Describing the stage play as spectacular, Prof Okoye has promised to not only leave the audience fulfilled but will also showcase the incredible and diverse cast of women bringing all their talent to the stage ranging from music, acting and dancing.

Doyenne Circle seeks to mentor and motivate women, challenging them to be better than their best in everything from career to relationship and lifestyle using drama, seminars, workshops and mentorship programs.

Speaking Out is Doyenne Circle’s second attempt at creating awareness about female related issues after the success of its first stage play, Ada The Country in January 2020.

Speaking Out the Musical goes live from the 1st-3rd of January 2022 at the Agip Recital Hall, Muson Centre, Lagos. Time: 3 pm and 7 pm Daily

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