Did I get your attention with the tittle? Well it’s not what you are  thinking and at the same time it’s kind of related. The Fashion industry is about to witness a change a marriage between urban wears and a touch of cultural identity to it.

The Aṣọ brand produces sweat-shop free high quality African-inspired t-shirts, vests, t-dresses and accessories for men and women. The Aṣọ brand is owned by Olumo Rock Enterprises (ORE) Limited, a small creative start-up formed in London, UK in 2013. ORE and Aṣọ were both created (and currently owned) by British-born Nigerian Nathaniel Williams.

The Aṣọ Concept

‘Aṣọ’ means ‘cloth’ in the Yoruba language (the language of the people of the same name from south-western Nigeria). For the brand, Aṣọ is a metaphor for all people of African descent around the world: something built from common fibres, adaptable, woven into many forms, but without loss of its original essence.

From Nigeria, to the USA, from Brazil to Angola, the ‘Aṣọ’ brand recognises the collective journeys of African communities, their simultaneous constancy and dynamism, and their ability to create new cultures whilst at the same time retaining their heritage.

With the help of African artists from across generations and borders, Aṣọ endeavours to create clothing and accessories inspired by these many journeys and experiences – home and away, past, present, and future. In doing so, Aṣọ can illuminate and promote the diversity of African cultures and communities around the world.

On Friday 15th August 2014, after featuring on the runway at Africa Fashion Week London (AFWL) last weekend at London’s Olympia, new brand Aṣọ launched its online store of African-inspired t-shirts for men and women. And now the Brand is ready to take the world celebrating Nigeria cultural hero’s like “Iyoba Idia of Benin”, and many other figures.

A little touch of urban strength,a little touch of cultural identity,a little touch of class,a little touch of grace make the “Aṣọ” clothing brand a brand to watch out for.

Visit www.aso-global.com. For more details.

See Pictures of some of the Aṣọ Collections;