There was a lot of excitement last year about Nosa’s short film, which premiered at the Matatu Film Festival in Oakland California in August 2014. The film, which re-imagines deities known as Orisas from Yoruba cultural and religious heritage as modern day super heroes has gathered quite a remarkable interest across the world.

It has also been screened at various film festivals across the continents; Brazil, Nigeria and Europe. The trailer has also enjoyed large amount of publicity by acquiring 160,000 views on YouTube which earned the young and visionary director a Rising Star nomination in the 2015 Screen Nation awards billed to be held on February 15th in London.

Oya Rise of the Orisha


It has now been confirmed by Igodo films about its adaptation into a feature script. The full length film, written/directed by Nosa Igbinedion is an action packed thriller set in modern day Brazil. It will feature Oya, Sango and a host of other Orisas wherein talents from Nigeria, Brazil, the UK and USA will be accommodated.

Likewise, Nosa has started working with Brazilian comic book company Capa Comics to create a comic book adaptation, (based on the feature film), due to be published soon.

Watch the short online here (Brazilian subtitles)


Pre-order Comic book here

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