Signs and Symbols is a concept that allows the use of modern graphic/art representation of any cultural or historical land mark in Nigeria. Creating an art link between the past and the future. Today’s piece is by Ekpenede Idu who creates amazing art piece from the Benin cultural setup. Its Modern art representation versus culture.

Concept: The 9 gates represent the 9 entrance to Ancient Benin and while the half circle on both ends and between the gates represent the shape of the wall said to be dugged in V shape and turned upside down ^.

Great Benin Wall
Artistic representation of the great Benin wall

The walls are unusual,unlilke most other ancient city walls. The ancient city walls of Benin is unusual because of its peculiar form.It was built by digging the earth from the ground and placing it on the surface along side the dug places.Thus the walls give a shape of ^ and another V turned down thus:- It’s like a low mountain about 30 feet high,descending on the other side below the ground level and rising up again,to the ground level.” Excerpts from The Benin Legends by Aghama Omoruyi

Credits :Ekpenede Idu