Long time ago, in the time of animals and spirits, there lived a very prosperous farmer “Ajantala”. He is so successful that both kings and rich men come to his farm to purchase farm produce owing to the fact that his produce stands as one of the best in his village and its environs.

There was a terrible famine over the land and everyone had to run to “Ajantala” for succor, at a point, “Ajantala discovered the famine may not stop so, he partitioned a portion of his farm for his own reserve.

One day, he finished selling his far produce and was left with only his secrete reserve farm. “I thank the gods for giving me the wisdom to keep this “IGBA” (garden egg) farm” said Ajantala. What would I and my family have fallen back on when this famine got this worse? So, Ajantala kept cultivating and surviving on the IGBA farm.

On his quest to find food for his family, IJAPA stumbled on Ajantala s farm.

Sighting the big, robust, well arranged healthy IGBA farm, Ijapa, bewildered…………… “Oh the god of my ancenstors!!!!!!!!! So this village has such untapped beauty in here?

Watching his right and left carefully to make sure no one is watching,Ijapa jumped in the farm. “I must be careful lest no one see s me”, he whispered.

Carefully, Ijapa took one Igba and hungrily stuffed it in his mouth.

“hmmmmm!!!!!! This tastes very good! Very very good! He took the second, third … before u know it, he was so filled that it took him some time to rise to his feet.

“This I must take home to my family” Ijapa thought to himself.

The next day, Ijapa in his usual greedy self was there again! This time, with a basket with his child Ijapa jr.

“Junior, u need to be fast, pack as many as possible and we rush down home before something else happens”.

As he was packing, he is eating. The both of them eat till they both slept off. Waking up with a start after they have slept for over 3hrs, Ijapa rushed to his feet, swiftly moved around to be sure no one is watching, and woke Junior.

“See him? Foolish boy! Wake up jare!! Sluggish fool, stupid boy!!!!! Stand up jare. What if the owner of the farm meets us here nko?

Papa, I will tell him to eat and go to his house now; I may even help him pack some for his children answered the elated junior.

You see? I always knew you are foolish. Are you the owner of the farm ni? Let’s go jare!!!

This feat became a habit and at a point, Ijapa and his family resolved to start living on the farm knowing fully well no one is always there to check them.

One day, Ajantala ran out of food and decided to go get some more stock for his family. When he got to the farm, what he saw marveled him.

“WHAT? Someone has encroached on my farmland, who is this person who has done this to me, Ajantala?

Ijapa, sensing the owner of the farm is finally around tiptoed from his “IRAWE” hide out, whispering “everyone please quiet” shhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

Ajantala shouting on top his voice started crying and cursing!!

“May the gods of my forefathers punish this thief”.

“May he or she never live to witness tomorrow, may thunder strike him dead today!” may Sango use his blood!!!

Ijapa getting uncomfortable in his closet thought on what to do to kip Ajantala shut.

With a terrifying shrilled voice, Ijapa burst into the most horrifying song:

Onikan yii jobon….

Keere jogbon

Iwo ka emi ka

Keeere jogbon

Temi sele d’epe?

Keeere jogbon!!!!!!

Heeee?Olodumareooooooooooooo? Screemed Ajantala, he immediately took to his heels.

He went straight to the Kings palace.

‘’Kabiesi! Kabiesi!! Kabiesioooooooo!!!!!

It has happened!! The gods are angry!

They are on my farm.

On hearing this, every one took to their heels. Scampering for space to get out. In the confusion, the outside guards ran inside, as they were coming in, they met with those rushing out. In fact, the whole palace was turned into pandemonium.

Well, said Kabiesi after all is been quelled, “what do we do to this?

Balogun wittedly answered, “As the Chief Security officer of this community, I shall sugest we all go to Ajantala s farm to see things for ourselves, and I shall opine we go with baba “Ifa” so we might appease them.

That’s a good advice choroused Chief Bobalere and “Olori”.

As soon as they got to Ajantala s farm, he repeated all he did and as expected, Ijapa bursts into the same shrill song. On hearing that voice, every one including Balogun and Baba Ifa plus the King himself took to his heels.

In fact, they all got to the palace separately.

So worried were they that they did not notice the one legged Osanyin hop pass the palace.

Curiously, one legged Osanyin who was seen by all and sundry as a useless fellow owing to his deformity was greeted as usual with scorn and disdain.

“kaaaaaabiesi oooooo “ I hear noises and I said I should come so I may help (if need be).

“What can you do”? you this good for nothing mumu!! Shouted “Iyalode”

Shut up iyalode, reiterated Balogun. Balogun explained all that happened in Ajantala s farm to Osanyin. After listening attentively, Osanyin who has seen Ijapa on that farm on so many occasion knew where it was coming from.

Clearing his throat, Osanyin said, “Kabiesi, I greet you! I shall help this great village.

WHAT? Every one present choroused!

Yes! I shall help but promise me, you shall worship me too like a god if I succeed.

Ah ah? Is that all Osanyin queried Kabiyesi.

Yes, that is all I require!

And if you succeed, I shall add riches to it for you and you shall become one of my Chiefs.

Kaaaaabiesi ooooooo!! Returned Osanyin, please give me 2 days and I shall prove myself to you.

The next day, Osanyin sneeked into Ajantala s farm to monitor Ijapa s movement. From his findings, he discovered that Ijapa hides under the heap of rubbish very close to the farm, him and his entire family members.

That night, Osanyin got a long iron rod, kept it in a furnace, by the next morning; the iron had become red hot and blazing. Immediately, Osanyin went straight to the king’s palace, called every one to follow him, they did.

Immediately Ijapa sensed people around, he started this horrible song again. Pitching it with a higher tone:


Keere jogbon

Iwo ka emi ka

Keeere jogbon

Temi sele d’epe?

Keeere jogbon!!!!!!

Before Ijapa could finish this song, Osanyin had inserted the hot iron rod in-between Ijapa s shell and body thereby bringing him out while singing.

Everybody was ecstatic with joy seeing that it was just Ijapa and not the gods that is singing in Ajantala s farm.

Osanyin was carried shoulder high while Ijapa and his extended family members where tied and taken to the kings palace.

To keep his promise to Osanyin, Kabiyesi decleared as a matter of law that from that day henceforth, Ijapa should be used as sacrifices to Osanyi, this is the reason, Ijapa is, till today used as atonement to the Osanyin god.