What is wellness? Wellness is generally used to mean a healthy balance of the mind, body and spirit that results in an overall feeling of well-being. The term has been defined by the Wisconsin-based National Wellness Institute as an active process of becoming aware of and making choices toward a more successful existence.

Wellness can be described as a state that combines health and happiness.

Definitions of wellness vary depending upon who is promoting it. Wellness promoters try to facilitate a healthier population and a higher quality of life. Wellness can be defined as the pursuit of a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Wellness, as an alternative concept, is generally thought to mean more than the mere absence of disease; rather it is an optimal state of health. Wellness is pursued by people interested in recovering from ill health or specific health conditions or by those interested in optimizing their already good state of health.

Wellness as defined by The Foundation for Wellness Professionals is considered care without drugs that can not only eliminate health problems but prevent them. Wellness enhancement focuses on minimizing the effects of the three dimensions of stress: Physical Stress which causes nervous system irritation, Chemical Stress causing body toxicity, and Mental Stress which can induce hormonal changes namely in the Adrenal Glands.

Many factors can contribute to wellness: an Immune System that works optimally, living in a clean environment, eating organic food, regularly engaging in physical exercise, balance in career; family; and relationships, and spiritual development.

What is Immunity? Immunity is a biological term that describes a state of having sufficient biological defences to avoid infectiondisease, stress, or other unwanted biological invasion. In other words, it is the capability of the body to resist harmful microbes from entering it. With new research, poor immune systems have been associated with cancer, diabetes, heart disease and other chronic degenerative diseases.

The importance of a healthy Immune System, diet and nutrition as the most important determinants of health is now widely accepted and recognized among scientists and healthcare professionals. In this respect, Bolar Pharmaceuticals wishes to assume responsibility to both provide science based education and well documented health products that may improve the general health in the population.

When we are born we have an active innate immune system and an inactive acquired immune system. The acquired immune system develops as we are exposed to various immune challenges and provides the specific “memory “of our immune system. However, the innate immune cells acts as our front line of defence to recognise and destroy the majority of intruders that can cause infection.

The immune system is the collective army of a trillion white blood cells, the bone marrow, antibodies, cytokines and the thymus gland that help to identify and destroy the millions of microbes (bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi) that penetrate our bodies every day, and the thousands of our own cells that have become genetically abnormal or cancerous. In fact, the immune system is considered every bit as complex as our nervous system, and is not only able to produce a matching antibody for every one of the millions of different infective agents, but is able to remember how to produce these decades later.

When the body is stressed or in a diseased state, the immune system can become overloaded and the activity of these protector cells becomes sluggish. This is often compounded by medical treatment – such as chemotherapy in the case of cancer – which further depresses the immune system. A weak immune system is less able to prevent infections and chronic disease from taking hold and spreading in the body.

A weak immune system has been associated with chronic diseases like Cancer, Diabetes, Cardiovascular (heart) disease, Stress, as well as infectious diseases like frequent malaria, typhoid, flu etc. A weak immune system brings on the symptoms of stress which in turn leads to many diseases and feelings of unwellness, lethargy, fatigue, and lack of vigour.

A high percentage of Nigerians already take a vitamin, supplement, or tonic to strengthen their ability to fight off disease. These supplements are of little use without an immune strengthener like Immiflex. A high percentage of Nigerians are often down with infections and stress that take advantage of weak immune systems and stressful conditions.

Immiflex is a new product specifically for strengthening the innate immune system we were born with. We have enough science behind Immiflex to support our immune enhancement claim. Statistically Significant clinical studies have consistently demonstrated that daily use of ImmiFlex®: Improves overall physical, mental and psycho-health, reduces upper respiratory tract infection symptoms, reduces the harmful effects of stress on the body, reduces symptoms associated with flu/cold & catarrh, promotes vigor, mental clarity and alertness, reduces fatigue and overall susceptibilities to illness, helps avoid downtime by reducing severity & duration of illness.

Immiflex containes wellmune wgp, a unique proprietary and patented ingredient which is a gluco-polysaccharide (beta glucan) isolated from yeast. It is a natural product with extensive human clinical research. Immiflex has been available in the USA, and Europe, and has now been introduced in Nigeria for the benefit of Nigerians. It is registered with NAFDAC.

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