Precisely 11 literary works have been selected for this year’s NLNG/CORA Literature Prize Award. The shortlisted book have emerged the best of the best of their other literary peers and in giving recognition to the book and its author,NLNG/CORA is hosting the 2016 Book Party.

NLNG/CORA Invites Book and Art Lovers to the 2016 Book Party this Sunday


Since 2010, the CORA has been a critical force in the projection of the shortlisted works to the attention of the public. This is through the annual BOOK PARTY.

Here are some of the Books that were selected for this year’s award;

NLNG/CORA Invites Book and Art Lovers to the 2016 Book Party this Sunday
The Fourth World by ifeoma okoye


Sorrows Joy( A Passage through Cancer) By Ogochukwu Promise
Sorrows Joy( A Passage through Cancer) By Ogochukwu Promise
NLNG/CORA Invites Book and Art Lovers to the 2016 Book Party this Sunday
Daughters who walk this Part by Yejide Kilanko

The objective of the Book Party as manifested in the past editions is to ensure that we bring the Short-listed writers and books face-to-face with the Literary audiences, so that we could create conversations around the work and the author.  Since the first edition, the Book Party has become the only means through which the shortlisted writers are engaged on their work by the public.


Time: 2PM


NB: The short notice to this event is highly regretted. It was due to circumstances beyond the organisers’ control.

Please join conversation on/about the event at #CORANigLitPrize2016 

                                                                 ABOUT THE CORA

MISSION: To Create Enabling Environment for the Flourishing of the Contemporary Arts of Nigeria & the Continent.

VISION: To Make Art & Culture the Prime Destination for Investment in Nigeria and Africa by 2018.

DEFINITION: We Are ‘Cultural Landscapists. The CORA is the Winner of the Prince Claus Award, 2006.

 CORA: The History: The Committee for Relevant Art (CORA) came to life on June 2, 1991. It’s a culture activist organisation with the agenda to facilitate creation of an enabling environment for the flourishing of the contemporary arts of Nigeria, in the forms of Literature, Theatre, Fine Art, Movie, TV Programme Design and Production as well as Music.

In these past 25 years, CORA has been at the forefront of championing the major issues that have shaped – directly or otherwise – the cultural landscape of Nigeria. Some of the most forward looking initiatives in the Nigerian culture environment came out of CORA-organized fora. CORA has carried on this intermediation role through the vehicle of its various programmes, projects and activities including the following:


  1. The Art Stampede: This is a quarterly parliamentary event in which artists, art critics, art journalists and art connoisseurs gather to discuss hot burner issues in the arts.
  2. The Annual Lagos Book & Art Festival: Dubbed “The biggest Culture Picnic on the Continent”, LABAF is an art festival with a heavy book content and is a testament to the commitment of CORA that the only way to translate the ‘teeming’ population of Nigeria into a true human resource is to develop their mind. There are also other interventionist programmes through which the CORA continues to shape the direction of the Nigeria creative Industries. These include the Great Highlife Party, Arthouse Forum, the Book Editors’ Clinic, the CORA Book Party, and the Publishers’ Forum among others.