Taeillo: Making your Culture a part of your Home

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Have you ever felt more at home in someone else space than in your own home?  Well a Nigerian  brand is ensuring that your home furniture can reflect your personality, style, culture and heritage.

Taeilo: Making your Culture a part of your Home

The dwindling state of pride in Nigerian culture and heritage is at an amazing rate and most brands do not understand the need to salvage what is left of our heritage. Fortunately, Taeillo a Nigeria brand that specializes in merging the essence of culture with design and furniture has created a niche for itself by giving almost a mouth to mouth resuscitation to the Nigerian culture and arts scene with its amazing line of furniture and home designs

Taeilo: Making your Culture a part of your Home

The Taeillo Brand is a brand that enjoys telling its story; furniture and home set up stories using the Nigeria culture and heritage as a connecting point with its people.


Taeilo: Making your Culture a part of your Home

Their different array of African inspired home made furniture does more than just please the eye, it also creates a deep connection with our personalities as Nigerians and as Africans. No more imported furniture that cost twice as much as the house and still has no sense of belonging. Now with Taeillo you can have furniture and home set up to fit your cultural heritage, personal style and  also creates a connection once you walk in the house.

Ladies and Gents, welcome to the world of Taeillo where a connection is created between your culture and your home.

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