A man such as “Kongi” is not just a man, he has over the years transformed his mortal personality to an institution, an enigma that will be around for a long time. Just last week when the Literature Icon turned 80, friends and people around the world celebrated the “White Wizard” of Africa’s literature world. Our Friends at Fehinty Africa Theatre in Chicago came up with an event out in the park to celebrate “Kongi”

On July 13, Fehinty African Theatre in Chicago launched their Summer Series, “Beneath the Baobab Tree: African Storytelling in the Park” in Tribute to Wole Soyinka on his 80th birthday. Along with folktales, the Park performances throughout the summer will feature scenes from Soyinka’s Plays, The Trials of Brother Jero and The Lion and the Jewel.


Enjoy the Pictures from the Outdoor Event.







Picture Credits:: Fehinty African Theatre