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Latest articles from tales across Nigeria. Our contents bring to you the secrets of African traditions & myths.


The Quest for Superior Spirituality

The Quest for the Spirituality closest to God has been lingering for centuries, since the beginning of the world. Today’s world, which was previously called a Divinosphere; was a project of God created for depopulating the heavens. This was first tested by Patron Divinity based on…


Ilojo Bar: Murdered in Broad Daylight, 1855-2016.

Sunday 10 September 2016, a cultural heritage site was desecrated. The bulldozers, supposedly  owned by ‘developers’,  which rolled into  6 Alli and 2 Bamgbose Streets, CMS Lagos-Island, and destroyed the 161 year-old building opposite Tinubu Square, committed murder, in the first degree. It murdered the…

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