We are pleased to announce the official launch of the Amintacciyar Hanya Arewa (A Safe Passage to the North) Project

The Project is an avenue for young historians and writers of Northern extraction, during which they would be responsible for telling their stories, bringing to the foreground historical narratives on diverse topics ranging from ancient architecture, archaeological sites, cuisine and victuals, traditional occupations, festivals, arts in its collective terms, and other exciting aspects of life overwhelmed in the wake of many present circumstances. This properly supervised by the creative team of ASIRI Magazine.

ASIRI Presents Amintacciyar Hanya Arewa (A Safe Passage to the North) Project

How many people know that the Great Wall of Kano was built in the 14th century, same time as the Wall of China? This, to the well preserved heritage of the famous “ Kofar Mata” Dye Pit, to the legend of Queen Amina of Zazzau now Zaria are some of the appetizers to the huge wealth of cultural resources abundant in the North that ASIRI is poised to bring to your reading pleasure in the next few months.

“The Project would be monitored on social media with the Hashtag #SafePassageToTheNorth #AmintacciyarHanyar . The Project will be throughout the year 2017.The cyberspace will be awash with articles, reviews, interviews and features showcasing the best from the North. This will help bolster the SEO anytime a state in the North is typed on the search engine”. Said Damola Ogundele.


Speaking more, the Creative Director of ASIRI Magazine emphasized saying “The project is coming at a time we need to salvage what is left from the treasures,  relics and landmarks of the North. It is important we protect our
heritage. The main essence of the project is to change the narrative of stories coming from the area and help the government and international organisations see how beautiful and rich the place is”.

The drive behind going northward is to explore the unpopular cultural sides, find a safe passage for growth and development despite the crises going on in some part of the region.

We intend to show the world attraction places that would encourage tourism and cultural development, preservation of landmarks, sustainable old practices and tradition.  We intend to right the wrong impression about the area and categorically affirm a thriving cultural beehive the North was before the present chaos. And it will be unjustly unfair to categorise the entire region as unstable in the wake of recent development since the onslaught of murderous Boko Haram Islamic sect.


This we consider a huge disservice and effacing of massive tourism potentials to the country, especially now that oil the main economic staple is experiencing dwindling fortune. The North still boasts of invaluable amount of patrimonies.

ASIRI Magazine is a prime arts and culture,history online magazine brand that  reports worthwhile events within the creative sphere. Using methods that broaden the views of its myriad readership audience on the irresistible appeal of Nigeria’s cultural landscape, over the years, this mission has been sustained tenaciously.

It continues in this fervour for a broader coverage come Tuesday 14/2/2017  when the cultural narratives would be focused on Northern Nigeria will debut on the ASIRI Magazine website . We implore you to hang on to the threshold as ASIRI presents “Amintacciyar Hanyar Arewa” Project ( A Safe Passage To The North) Changing the Northern perspective with History, Culture, Arts and Heritage.

We are open to partnerships and supports for this Project.