Enjoy another fresh new art innovation by Nosa Idubor. The essence of his graphic illustration is to throw more light into the history and cultural set up of the Ancient Benin Kingdom. Laying our subliminal reason its cultural history should be preserve and protected.

He gives the explanation of the 3 Rings and Moat Illustration as thus

Benin Art Piece

Concept: Those red rings represent the 3 walls and Moats dug at different times that It is unknown to many that the Benin moat remains the world’s longest ancient earthwork at 10,000 miles and the most extensive at 24,000 square miles.
The Guinness B
ook of World Records describes the walls of Benin City as the world’s second largest man-made structure after China’s Great Wall, in terms of length, and the series of earthen ramparts as the most extensive earthwork in the world.
The Guinness Book of Records carried an entry in the 1974 edition that described the city as: “The largest earthworks in the world carried out prior to the mechanical era.”
Defensive Fortification of Ancient Benin City Edo, the people of Igodomigodo famously known for almost a millennium as Benin, had built a moat complex to protect themselves in the wars they fought.

Credits:Nosa Idubor