This is an abridged, young readers’ version of Possessed: A history of law and justice in the Crown Colony of Lagos. The King & The Colony will be available for sale at the following bookstores: Booksellers (Ibadan and Abeokuta), Terrakulture, Patabah, Quintessence, The Hub and Salamander Cafe, Abuja, from 27 October, 2015. It contains striking illustrations that complement the story as well as a reading guide to build children’s vocabulary and reading skills.The book will provide young readers with interesting facts about the history of Lagos.

The King & The Colony’ written by Olasupo Shasore, SAN. The King and the Colony tells the story of the history of Lagos from 1550 when it was occupied by the people of the Benin Kingdom to the end of the colony in 1906. In between, young readers will learn little-known facts about how the British occupied Lagos and the battles between the Lagos kings and the British for power. There were epic battles in the year 1851 between the deposed King Akitoye to win back the Lagos Kingdom. The final battle was between the British Navy and Lagos Africans for the control of the kingdom later that year. The author also paints a picture of life in the new colony and what that meant for the Africans in Lagos.

It is a story of bravery, war and cooperation between two nations that would in turn lay the foundation for the creation of Nigeria. An illustrated book that will capture the imagination as well as educate.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:Olasupo Shasore lives in Lagos, Nigeria and works as a lawyer. This is his first young readers’ book. He is married with children.



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