The Vision of the Child (VOTC) is a component of the Lagos Black Heritage Festival. One of the key elements of the VOTC is hear the voices of the young and equip them to lead change. The first VOTC (or Season One) was launched in April 2012 and was introduced to serve as an interactive test to stretch youthful imagination and skills across all genres. The theme of first VOTC (or “Season One”) was to lay the groundwork for future seasons. The Season One provided participating youth and children the platform to express their understanding of the world they live in, their vision of what it should be, their dreams and fantasies through Painting and the Literary Arts – poetry, prose, fiction, or essay.

The VOTC has continued over the years and subsequent seasons were:   2013 Vision of the Child – Season Two: Theme: “The Thousand and One Faces Of Corruption”2014 Vision of the Child – Season Three: Theme: “The Rule Of Law And The Law Of Impunity” Now, we have the 2015 edition – 2015 Vision of the Child – Season Four Theme “The Road to Sambisa, which promises to be even bigger and better and continue to promote the great abilities which lie within our youths.

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