Imagine a room full of Business men and women, with the best of Nigeria’s creative minds when it comes to History, Culture and Arts?

Inviting you all to the 1st Nigerian Cultural Trade Show on Thursday 2nd October 2014 at the Federal Palace Hotel, Lagos. From 10 am to 10 pm the one day event offers the unique opportunity to take the participants on a journey through Nigeria’s tremendous cultural wealth

The event themed “business meets culture” gives the business community the opportunity to meet with the next voice, the next face, the next artist about to hit the market both home and away.

nigerian cultural trade show

The first week of October, Nigeria will be celebrating its 54th year of independence, and Germany its 25th year of the fall of the Berlin Wall and its reunification. Therefore, ahead of the two national days of both countries, we decided to underline the positive image of Nigeria by creating an event dedicated to the cultural variety of this country.


Micheal Derus, the Consul General of the Federal Republic of Germany, Lagos and Disun Holloway, the Honorable Commissioner of the Lagos State Ministry of Tourism & Intern-Governmental Relations are taken round and introduced to the Exhibitors. Following the tour, they will deliver a speech.

Come as we celebrate the existing cultural strength between Nigeria and Germany.
 Schedule of Activities of the Trade Show goes as follows;

Welcome speech: Delegate of the German Industry and Commerce, Andre Rönné

Football: 6 – 10 year old performance
Boxing: 6 -10 year old & Boxing: Adults
Presentation: Hassan Fatai Olusegun.
(Brenner Sport Club Nigeria/Germany)
Speech: Mrs Adeleke, Woman Group Captain, Association of Small Business Owners of Nigeria
Fashion Show,  (Prima Rouge & Victoria Grace)
Guitars Performance :  (Dabyna & Ola Sam)
Child painters exhibition  (Onarietta & Onatteni Remet)
1:00pm     Music performances: (Simi, Seon & Ruby)
2:30pm     Book reading & Book signing – The Secret Lives of Baba Segi’s Wives, (Lola Shoneyin)
3:00pm     Fashion Show, (Prima Rouge & Victoria Grace)
3:20pm     Speech: Goethe Institut, (Director, Marc-André Schmachtel)
3:30pm     Speech: Director General National Film and Video Censor’s Board (NFVCB), Ms Patricia Balla
4:00pm     Nollywood Speech & Film: (Tunde Kelani)
4:30pm     Art: President of Society of Nigerian Artists, (Oliver Enwonwu)
5:00pm     Child painters exhibition (Onarietta & Onatteni Remet)
6:00pm     Historian: (Amanda Kirby Okoye)
7:00pm     Poet: (Donna)
8pm     Speech: Football & Boxing performance (Brenner Sport Club Nigeria/Germany)
9pm     Guitars: (Dabyna & Ola Sam)
TV: Host Olatoun Williams will be conducting interviews throughout the Event