CORA AT 25… The countdown…

“It all began one afternoon on June 2, 1991 in Festac Town…” 25 stories about the ‘Culture Landscapists’ Jahman Anikulapo. One of the Founding  Fathers of CORA.

CORA AT 25 Special Art Stampede

Winner of the 2006 Prince Claus Award,CORA has come a long way from a group of friends armed with the vision of promoting Nigeria Arts to the world, to now a large force to be reckon with in terms of promotion of Arts in Africa at large.

The Organization now clocking 25 will be having a special Art Stampede on June 5th at the Museum gallery at Freedom Park,Lagos. Time is 2pm Prompt.

The Event which promises to shed more light on how CORA was originally founded and how it has survived the thorns and politics of time from inception till now will be moderated by none other than the delectable and witty writer and author of the book ‘Indigo’ Molara Wood.

Originally known as Committee Of Relevant Art. CORA  is an art organisation armed with the responsibility of promoting and preserving Art in Nigeria.