“Come and express yourself,be creative,let your soul reach out and burst forth with the joy of freedom.The drum circle is here at freedom park lagos. Where else would you want to be,come and join our circle,bring your drums…Break free with freedom at freedom park” ASIRI

The Drum Circle at Freedom Park is a drum & dance gathering that convenes on Freedom Park grounds on the last Saturday of each month from 2pm to 8pm, when and if weather, facilitator availability and the Park’s schedule of events permit. It’s essentially a community jam session of drum and percussion enthusiasts.

The circle is anchored by drum & percussion instruments, but all musical practitioners, including brass ensembles, vocal groups, etc. are welcome to add value to the experience. The goal is not precise rhythmic purity or perfection, but the ability to entrain, entertain and reach the state of a group mind, built on a groove that’s almost always a work in constant progress, with varying ebbs & flows, but with a collective rhythm sensibility striving for harmony & community via the power of human interaction and the magic of the sound of drums.

Drum 1

Any proficient percussionist is encouraged to apply to be a formal or informal TDC@FP facilitator. Facilitators are required to play a crucial role as coordinators & evangelists of TDC@FP, building interest & participation and regularly directing & facilitating circle events. Passion, energy and enthusiasm is required of facilitators, as is some familiarity with drum & percussion instruments and the rhythmic legacy of African culture. At any given circle event, the facilitator’s playing can act as a rhythmic barometer and his/her role is to provide leadership when needed and get out of the way of expression as necessary. Facilitators will bring a degree of knowledge, experience & skill to the group, but the ultimate goal is for the circle to facilitate itself.

The Drum Circle @ Freedom Park is open to anyone and everyone with an interest in drumming, dancing, rhythmic therapy or folks who just want to observe and enjoy. Participants who intend to play at circle events are expected to show up with their own instruments. However, for a nominal fee, the facilitator pool may be able to provide some instruments for the duration of the event to participants who request them.

Drum Circle at Freedom Park Lagos

The inaugural Drum Circle @ Freedom Park is on Saturday August 29, 2015 at 2pm to 8pm. If you’re interested in being a facilitator, feel free to contact the TDC@FP Facilitator Coordinator at +2348031114043 or taiadelaja@hotmail.com.

Freedom Park Lagos is at 1 Hospital Road | Old Prison Ground | Lagos Island | Lagos.

* Please note that the Drum Circle @ Freedom Park convenes monthly by permission of Freedom Park. In order to keep enjoying the privilege of park usage, strict adherence to codes of conduct & best behavior is expected of all. Thanks!