In recent times, there has been ranging contention among reggae scholars and followers as to what the origin of this incredible act of sounds, movement and vibration is. Some say it came from the Caribbean Islands; others emphasize it to be Europe and Africa.  Amidst the myriad of discrepancies, a statement of fact states that Reggae is from Africa.  Firstly being that the Founder of the Rastafarian movement- Emperor Haile Selaisse hails from Africa and the message behind reggae jam is all Africanised. The irrepressible truth is made evident in the lyrical content of thought provoking assemblage of rhymes in concordant to the harmonious strumming of the guitar and  fusion of percussion makes alive the stepping a fore and back in symbolism of the manacle that had incarcerated the continents.

Lagos Reggae Festival 2016

In response to the linking gap in the history of motherland and upholding the savoured integrity of past heroes and heroines of the turf, there is a peculiar movement that has steadily set the pace to entertaining her guests in a musical concert with the truest f form of the Reggae genre and showing the autobiography of a reputed figure noted for fighting valiantly for the African course.

Conscious vibes Africa is saddled with the reggae renaissance exploits and championing the cause of ensuring that audience learn something new about Africa. Poised to actualise this bit of igniting and satisfying all reggae enthusiasts in Nigeria by fronting the very best arts in the industry have consistently hosted a platform where the best of reggae acts display their skills.

This event is held every last Sunday of each month at the Freedom Park Lagos with the support of  Alliance Francaise & Freedom Park Lagos for an uptrend of eleven months with the twelfth edition to be  held on the 29th of May 2016 in commemorating its 1st year anniversary in grand style with the as the LAGOS REGGAE FESTIVAL’s first edition. This event is designed to hold annually; gathering all Nigerian reggae artists/fans together to celebrate reggae music in Nigeria.

The Lagos Reggae Festival will come up few days after the commencement of the Lagos@ 50 celebrations, thereby setting the pace for an unforgettable experience of merriment and fun. Bringing altogether Reggae enthusiasts both home and abroad with lots of engagements such as Musical Performances ,Acoustic performances Reggae Dance Performance/ Dance Mub, Iconic Autobiography/ Documentary Screening ,Red-Gold-Green Carpet Interview and*Reggae Arts Exhibition and Photo session.

Artistes such as Ras-Kimono,General Pype,Captain Blazee,Rymzo,king cobra,Edaoto , and many more.