A reflection of what the owner embodies, the paintings in his office were simple but deep. They hung gracefully on the finely painted walls like they were aware of the importance of the meeting about to happen.

TK was at his usual best, welcoming and lively. He was particularly enthused by the concept of The Story Room; intelligent, creative conversations and actual content development. An opportunity to have a closed door session with 100 creatives brimming with energy and ideas isn’t something one stumbles on regularly.

I couldn’t help but notice the ease through which he emphasized why our smartest minds must be guided by both their cultural and commercial compasses. “The best thing to sell is who you truly are”.

As our pioneer guest facilitator, Tunde Kelani will facilitate conversations on “positioning indigenous content for global consumption”, and also assess actual content created by participants, in teams at the event. Other benefits for participants beyond learning and networking include certificate, class photograph, lunch and resource materials.

The Story Presents Time Out With Tunde Kelani

This edition is billed for Saturday, 10th of October, at The State Library, 338 Herbert Macaulay Way, Yaba by 10am. Participation fee of N5000 will be paid at the venue. Early bird discount of 10% is available for participants who register online.

Registration is on at www.tsr.contentvista.com and participation is limited to 100. It will be worth entertainment’s while.