Genii Games has released a trailer for its forthcoming mobile app titled ‘Sango and his wives‘. Briefly, Sango and his wives is an interactive child-friendly adaptation of a popular Yoruba mythology involving Sango (god of Thunder) and his wives Osun, Oya and Oba. The story’s theme derives from a combination of colorful graphics, voice, text narration, and animation to capture an interesting episode in Sango’s life. One of its goals is to entertain the general public especially kids about inherent aspects of our indigenous Cultures.

To cater for a global audience, the app will be available in Portuguese, French, Spanish, German, Chinese, English and Yoruba. The trailer itself is subtitled in these languages. Also, users will be able to record and play their own voices allowing for control of its narrative regardless of their language.

Sango and his wives will be available for download on the Google Play Store, Apple Store and Amazon App Store come October 1st, 2015.

Sango and his wives forms a part of Genii Games Asa brand of apps which are driven towards the promotion and preservation of indigenous African cultures.

Watch Trailer Here: