Art is taking its full form in Africa, creating a huge tsunami of creativity and educational circle affecting all those caught in its path.  ‘Through the Ages’ a Ghana/Naija art exhibition by NMA,a Ghana  based Art Organization in collaboration with Nigeria top art and educational organization Ur4Africa and Alliance Française d’Accra is a good testimony that Art is Universal Language.

‘Through The Ages’ the Ghana/Nigeria Art Exhibition Project

The Art Exhibition was officially opened earlier on in the week in Ghana with representatives of all participating organization there to represent their organization. The art works ranges from Painting and Mix Media were created by Students from NMA(Ghana) and Ur4Africa with the help of their mentors.

‘Through The Ages’ the Ghana/Nigeria Art Exhibition Project

NMA founders Larry Yussif and Musah Swallah helped organize this exhibition to showcase the artistic talents of the students being mentored in their programs by Nima based artists in Ghana as well as young artists and art mentors from UR4Africa located in Lagos, Nigeria.

In addition to showcasing young African artists on the rise the exhibition is a platform provided by the support of Alliance Française d’Accra to highlight the need to support art organizations in Africa working to empower local communities and to encourage, celebrate and remember African traditions, culture and history.

‘Through The Ages’ the Ghana/Nigeria Art Exhibition Project

Azeez Alliu of Ur4Africa and a Friend
Azeez Aliu, of UR4Africa (Nigeria) and Friend from Ghana

A representative, Azeez Aliu, from UR4Africa traveled to Nima (Ghana) from Lagos to support NMA and co-curate the event with his hosts.

Congrats to the organizers and many thanks to Alliance Française d’Accra, partners and all the supporters.

‘Through The Ages’ Art Exhibition will be opened till the 18th of June 2016.