The annual Ojude Oba festival, started some hundred years ago when Imam Tunwatoba in company of his family members, visited his friend, Oba Fidipote, the then Awujale of Ijebuland to pay homage and show appreciation to the king for his efforts in ensuring that Islamic religion blossomed in his province.
it was initially based on religious sentiments but it has over the years grown into a major socio-cultural activity for all sons and daughters of Ijebu both home and in the diaspora Ijebu women with africa swag

Colours of Ojude Oba 2013

Horse rider on display

Men in their colourful attire.
The Ojude Oba festival is usually held three days after the Ileya. All indigenes of Ijebu both at home and in the diaspora are expected to come home for the festival, kill a ram, even if they are no longer Moslems. They are also expected to attend the Ojude Oba for them to dance with their age groups before the Awujale. Different age groups comes out showing different colourful attire,cultural swag and healthy competition of cultural strength among themselves.
This year’s festival was held and it was a great success,graced by different digintires from the government and not forget the all sons and daughters of Ijebu coming out to celebrate the cultural value of the great town.
NOTE: Ijebu Ode is a Local Government Area and city located in south-western Nigeria with an estimated population of 222,653 (2007. It is the second largest city in Ogun state after Abeokuta. The city is sited 1io km by road north-east of Lagos and enjoys a warm tropical climate.