When his works first caught our interest we doubted if it was done by a Nigerian. His attention to detail, his use of colours, and how he employed this mix, was, to it keep short: simply mind blowing.

The reason  particular this edition is tagged an “Artist with no Boundaries” is because he is a master of different art forms.

Dear reader, meet our artist for the week: Dare Daniel Adenuga. He’s got no chill, and in art, he is bounded by nothing.

Meet The Artist:Dare Adenuga. Artist with no BoundariesDare Adenuga is a versatile visual artist, who expresses his mind and feelings in different genre of art. These range from painting, to sculpture, to mixed media art, and to poetry. He sees all materials as messengers, prophets, or voices in the wilderness, that need to be heard. So he picks them up, respects them, and listens to their gospel, and then expresses it as his art.

Adenuga is lucky to have been born to an art inclined father, in the 1980s. His father helped to nurture his artistic gift till got admission to study Fine Art at Yaba College of Technology. He graduated as a painter in 2011. After graduation, he worked under the tutelage of Ato Arinze, Ghariokwu Lemi and Peju Alatise respectively.

The themes of most of his works are inspired by folktales, life, beliefs, culture, religion, custom and tradition, irrespective of their ethnic group of origin.

When we spoke to Adenuga about the inspiration for the works below, he gave us poems which he had written to describe them, confirming yet again, his versatility as an artist. Call it a poetic justice to his art.


Meet The Artist:Dare Adenuga. Artist with no Boundaries
EWA (Unveiled)

They disguised to be what they aren’t,

They fling their real selves and acts,

They wear others,

Though they goofed in other people’s clothing,

They stitched and goofed some more

Illicit Soul Mate

Meet The Artist:Dare Adenuga. Artist with no Boundaries
Illicit Soul Mate

Papa says, “No, she is not from our tribe and religion’’

Mama says, “No, he is not rich’’

My siblings don’t ever want to see us together.

We act in open like two parallel lines that never meet and will never meet

But we still love each other and share same feelings and emotions.

Though Asake and Adigun are watchdogs over us

We still communicate with our signs and meet in our secluded nook

When everyone is snoring and no one will ever suspect us.

But how long will this continue?

Do we quit this love?

Maybe we elope

My Space and I

Meet the Artist: Dare Adenuga an Artist with no Boundaries
My Space and I

I am my space,

My space is me

What I will be,

My space will be too

I give her,

She gives me back

 I stab,

She stabs

I care,

She cares

Wrestling with Choices

Meet the Artist: Dare Adenuga an Artist with no Boundaries
Wrestling with choices

On a sofa he laid

 Looking deserted and confused because he is a graduate

With no job, no money, and mama is saying

“Go out there, get a wife, and give me a grandchild”.

All these ruled in his brain until he became as light as wool been tossed around the  moon, Jupiter, and the stars  in  the  firmament

Where  it  seems easy to  think  less,  worry  less,  care  less  about  material things  and treasures.

But suddenly they appeared to him in multitudes

Accosting him, demanding introductions

Asking that he pick one of them 

Because he can only choose one

Then one of them says, “I am it that gives children, choose me and you will have them in abundance like sands of the sea”

Another one says, “I am good health, choose me and you will have long life”

Another says, “I  am  wealth,  when you  choose  me,  you  have  the  material  that  makes you  a man of world”

And so they continued their introductions, persuasions,

Till it got to the turn of yet another one, who in a calm and very gentle voice

Says, ‘‘I am patience, a  good  friend  to  everyone  of  them,  they  all  cannot  do without  me,  pick  me  and  they will come finding me’’

See no Evil, Hear no evil, Talk no Evil

Meet the Artist: Dare Adenuga an Artist with no Boundaries
See no Evil,Hear no Evil,Talk no Evil

This image and title is reminiscent of a Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder 1989 movie. Also, it shows how Dare Adenuga interprets different everyday objects using them to show that one can choose to avoid the ugly situations that sometimes happen in our lives.

By writing poetry to accompany his paintings, one wonders if Dare Adenuga’s aim is to influence appreciation of them. This is not a sentiment many artists will admit to, but few artists can seldom deny, that it is frustrating when folks misinterpret their works. Are the poems successful in this regard, or, are they a rather inconvenient distraction? You be the judge.